This project included a publication and public program, developed in response to Ally-Russell-Floyd and Caoife Power's exhibition Cast Away at Trocadero Art Space:
"Cast Away is an exhibition by Ally Russell-Floyd and Caoife Power that embodies the nostalgic process of going through old possessions and carefully choosing what is to stay and what will be put in the bag at the end of the hallway ready to be carried outside. Throughout this exhibition both Ally and Caoife prioritise the intimacy of their material-driven practices, inviting the audience to realise unexpected resolutions and reinvigorate curiosity for things once discarded." (via Trocadero Art Space)
The publication is a poetry assemblage written in real-time online collaboration between Caoife Power, Daniel R Marks and Leila Doneo Baptist.
A live performance of the collaborative writing was enacted by Daniel R Marks following a panel discussion at Trocadero Art Space on 14 December 2019. Evoking the methodologies of the exhibition and writing process itself, segments of text are picked out intuitively to be interconnected as an adaptive chain of spoken language. The voices of the three authors are woven into an improvisational and deeply embodied process of speaking and moving, the physicality of artworks and gallery space activated as ontological carriers of meaning: "instructing" the gaze and behaviour of the audience through the group exhibition context.

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