Resolution of the Vessel was originally produced for the RMIT Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) Graduate Exhibition 2018. 
Two iterations were performed at Swinburne University (Wantirna Campus) for Immerse 2019, funded generously by Knox City Council: the first as a film, the second as a public program on 7 September. 
Resolution of the Vessel is a performance in which visceral tensions are drawn out between body, action, object and duration. As the work is performed within an installation resembling an archaeological dig, gestures are made as their predecessors are worn away. Calligraphic forms and scripts, painted onto bare flesh in red, are slowly scraped away as clay "bone" fragments (residual objects from previous performance-installation works) are rubbed across the skin. Site and objects become compositions of dust and flakes, and the surfaces of the painted body are peeled, stained and made raw. The action obliterates itself as performer and artefact together embody a state of corrosive materiality.
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