}.̶e̶x̶x̶x̶x̶u̶.̶e̶x̶x̶x̶x̶u̶.̶e̶x̶x̶x̶x̶u̶.̶e̶x̶x̶x̶x̶u̶{ is a collaborative project by artists Daniel R Marks and Mohamed Chamas, originally commissioned by KINGS Artist-run, Melbourne for their online platform. The project includes four video artworks: Let's Play hot_wet.exxxxu | 6:09Let's Play hot_dry.exxxxu | 6:28Let's Play cold_dry.exxxxu | 6:00, and Let's Play cold_wet.exxxxu | 7:09, alongside an assortment of digital ephemera in .PNG and .GIF form, and various ongoing contaminations into other collaborative and solo procedures of inter-disciplinary artistic practice.

"}.̶e̶x̶x̶x̶x̶u̶.̶e̶x̶x̶x̶x̶u̶.̶e̶x̶x̶x̶x̶u̶.̶e̶x̶x̶x̶x̶u̶{​​​​​​​ is an accumulation of cross-modal collaboration, sedimented to four streams of faux video-game “Let’s Play” footage. The videos are loosely bound by the archaic biopsychology of the “four humours” (blood, phlegm, black bile, yellow bile) through which we navigate with a tangential poesis.
A symbology hardens like stomach stones in the convolutions of this navigation, re-scripting inter-facial gameplay perspectives and allowing for the perforation of an anonymous and ruined game-logic.
A networked subjectivity of panoptic dissonance here bleeds-out the clotting of agency, and recurrent cues of gamification choreograph the blooming of our “protagonist”: a feedback loop of psychogeographical self-intervention."

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