in / to / out / of is a body of work developed alongside my Honours exegesis of the same name.
A methodology of “slippage-archive” was put into praxis to facilitate an experimental and research-based trans-disciplinary artmaking, within a context of expanded performance and spatial practice. Processes of slippage-archive are informed by parallel motions of slippage (loss, decay, falling-away, obscuring, disrupting) and archive (documentation, trace, transcription, translation, reiteration), and each of these actions performed within the studio are considered as an extension of a multi-iterative durational work. The art pieces and events manifested through slippage-archive processes continue these performative motions – being designed to allow performativity to maintain propulsion through a diagrammatic potentiality of future engagement.
The central piece of this project, titled Surveyor, realises these conceptual aims in the transmutation of studio rubble to a CGI geography, and then to disintegrated surface of paper, clay and tape. This surface is concave, with the digital image on the inside - encouraging an inward gaze from exterior to interior as a reverse panopticon. Architectural considerations are made toward the dimensionality and spatial positioning of artworks, in order to interrogate separations and intra-actions between discrete objects, bodies and languages. The components of the installation define their own impermanence in didactic-poetic text and signifiers of fragility, allowing themselves to act as entry points to a long-obliterated origin. Looking at and moving around the work becomes a subjective process of mapping and excavation: our observing bodies at once cutting into and extending the sedimented layers of history, representation and re-direction. 
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