Installation (aluminium frames, digital prints on cartridge paper and fabric, plastic bowl, rusted steel
beams, tape, tissue paper, fabric strips, latex, plasticine, clay, acrylic, glue, cement, soil, wallpaper
paste, water) and single-channel performance video.
Installation dimensions variable, video duration 26’53.
Video and script elements were developed in collaboration with artist Jonathan Vyssaritis.
GIVING MYSELF OVER is a solidification of a year-long process of slippage (loss, decay, falling-away, obscuring, disrupting) and archive (documentation, trace, transcription, translation, reiteration). Through performative and temporal actions, sedimentary layers have been continuously formed.
Incorporating diagrammatic and architectural elements into the final presentation of this sediment, the work investigates how perceptive codes and borders serve to dis/re-embody physical and intertextual relationalities - queering the disparities around, within and between bodies and sites.
As the actions and artworks of this project are continuously unfolded and layered through the slippage-archive process, the agency of their origin point(s) is exchanged between objects, events, spaces and observational responses. In this way, this installation acts as a scaffold for the reconfiguration of binaries.
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