This project was exhibited in the Archways space of First Site Gallery from 21 - 31 May 2019.
The two works of [crumbling lotus] embody states of recursive decay and redistribution within a framework of digital repetition. Artefacts are formed in this process, fossilised image-language-bodies which extend through time and representation:
A file is printed, distressed, re-represented and repeated. The original is lost but still observable.
The sermons of an ambiguous AI-like narrator are run through a multitude of translations on loop, pictorial language forming its own procedurally generated meanings and contextual relationships in a space of self-communication. The viewer is presented with a disordered archive of the aftermath: a puzzle of recurring words, phrases and dialogues. An image-as-organism is also present on the screen, shifting in stasis as it undergoes a looped reformation.
And so from a central origin point, a narrative unfolds and collapses at once. The lotus blooms and crumbles.​​​​​​​
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