Giving Myself Over, as an installation and performance series, was included in DEBUT XVI: To Love it All Again at BLINDSIDE, 6-22 February 2020. This exhibition was curated by Jake Treacy and Lucie McIntosh.
The Giving Myself Over performance series was developed in collaboration with artists Jonathan Vyssaritis (recorded director-actor exchange as video - not included in this iteration - and performance script) and Sam Nugent (live improvisational/responsive co-performer).
In this work, an accumulation of artefacts-as-language lies as a foundational diagram for live space.
Two performers attempt an intimate collectivism through acts of “telling”, their bodies serving as a
binary of observed autonomies to be mechanised and/or disrupted. Becoming tools for
documentation, a private recording is listened to and diagrammed in responsive action: prior labour
being excavated and “figured out” through ear, eye and touch. In the pulling, cutting and
reconfiguration of agency through mimetic interactions, the performers evoke/invoke
movement-scaffolds for potential architectures.
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