These are the key image works created for my debut solo exhibition In Synthesis at Brunswick Street Gallery (26 September - 9 October 2018). These works developed from the concept of my most recent project, Virtufauna, but with a shift in aesthetic from sci-fi/digital to a more naturalistic and physicality-based consideration which somewhat references a more classical approach to representation in conjunction with amorphic extensions of the body.
'In Synthesis focuses specifically on symbiosis. In this exhibition, cyborgian bodies extend into and merge with biological and technological structures: a mysterious forest-dweller dons 3D-printed prosthetic extensions, a growth of ambiguous sinews and nerves takes over a human face, and sculptural pieces (traditionally-made ceramics and carapace-like mixed media wearables) recall plant growths, internal organs and coils of electric cables. Whether representational or abstracted, bodily forms both external and internal are consistently referenced across the work in states of transformation and hybridisation, and the inherent connectivity between human identity and environment/network manifests in compositions of physicality and interaction.'

Sacoglossa, digital print on paper, 2018

Intermediator series, digital prints on paper, 2018

Self-contained Narrative, digital print on paper, 2018

INFLUX, digital print on kozo (with text-assemblage by Gregory Marks), 2018

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